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Geneva Part 4

After leaving the Coop full of sausage I explored the riverside part of the city



OMG! Shoes!

I may be in love with the contents of this shop!


This is a performing arts centre built in the middle of the river!

Modern Flats


Looking back from the City Centre Hydroelectric power station (it's built into a bridge)

Some Cool Graffiti

I caught the tram back and while I was at the station I thought I'd grab a train picture for pundigrion
I like the Pinninfarina design badge on the nose - they normally style Ferraris!


I had a final walk along the waterfront as the light faded








After that I had a pretty early night, I had to be up early for my flight back to the UK

Holiday Threatened by a Domestic

Something I've been looking forward to for a while is my holiday to Whitby with Sian. Now we were of course going to the Whitby Goth Weekend, and depending on the line up might have attended the main festivities at the Spa.

Now on Tuesday night I read a post of whitby that the "Official" events might be moved to the next weekend. Checking the WGW site yields no info, (but WGW HQ had been on and posting to slag off smogo's idea for "Judder on Sea"), it does however mean that as usuall you have to get news from less 'official sources'.

It turns out that the move is part of a domestic dispute between the main promoter and her ex-husband, and the promoter is talking about moving the entire weekend to get one over the ex... See this entry at hiddenpaw's journal for dispute from a trader's perspective. (The latest twist being that WGW HQ are threatening to sue hiddenpaw for libel)

At the moment it looks like most of the fringe events will be staying put on Halloween whatever happens. Which is good because neither me or Sian are willing or able to change our plans. We might have been a bit more forgiving if there was a genuine reason (ie the Spa burnt down) but to move because of a domestic?!

It's this sort of thing that puts people off WGW. It seems they'd rather inconvenience their customers then to work out a solution...

So we are going for halloween regardless! Who else is going?


The Glam Log

I though I'd mention a little project that is going hand in hand with the VLogs. Its a text based companion to the videos :)

The Glam log

Go read and lurk :)


Tranny Chasers

Should they be as glamorous as those they chase... Its not going to look good if I'm all fabulous and they are wearing a football shirt...
IMO if you are going to chase the fabulous then you should look fabulous yourself.

I'd prefer


(Pic by Fluffy Steve on Flickr)

(Pic by Marxpix on Flickr)

(Pic by CCMANCA on Flickr)


*OK only one of those is a known trannychaser... but they are interesting! This however is not...


Any Thoughts?

(public entry)

Friends Only

I'm taking my LJ friends only :) Those who lurk and are not on my F-list should comment if they wish to read :)